• Penetration-free and expansion-proof fastening with module strips
  • Profile installation: Horizontal, vertical or inclined installation; butted or with horizontal, vertical, inclined or offset joints
  • Increased stability due to nesting of the Planum profile on the front side
  • With Planum “VO”, laying from top to bottom is also possible, so that with facade assembly, the scaffold can be dismantled at the same time
  • Prefabricated special profiles, e.g. shadow gap, upper end profile at the parapet, pilaster strip
  • Project-related manufacturing

Efficiency, durability and aesthetics – that’s what the Planum façade stands for.

The flat surface of the profiles and deck widths up to 800 mm give external surfaces an impressively generous line. The different profile widths and installation options ensure a variety of designs, even in combination with other DOMICO profiles. Thanks to project-related production, which takes doors and windows, for example, into account ex works, time-consuming cutting work is no longer necessary, while at the same time high installation quality and durability are guaranteed.


Planum® Profile

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Colours / Coatings / Materials

The facade of a building is the company's calling card. Through the use of innovative and high-quality materials, a facade becomes an eye-catcher and at the same time protects against weather influences. In this way we combine design with utility.

DOMICO offers you many creative design options for roofs and façades. In our standard selection, materials, coatings and colours have been selected according to the application in order to best combine quality and economy. The products are optimally protected against weather influences and are particularly durable.
DOMICO is also pleased to implement your project with its own creative solutions. As every building project is very individual and our standard selection only covers a fraction of the colour, material and coating requirements, we also offer a wide range of RAL, NCS, Sikkens colours, effect and decorative coatings as well as other materials (titanium zinc, stainless steel, copper, etc.). Our technical consultants and our sales department (office@domico.at) are looking forward to your specific enquiries.
The materials used by DOMICO are provided with high-quality coatings and are selected on the basis of their functional properties (e.g. UV resistance, scratch resistance) and optical requirements (degree of gloss, surface structure).