Die DOMICO Planum-Fassade war die Antwort auf die verschiedenen Anforderungen, die wir bei diesem Projekt unter einen Hut bringen mussten. Ausschlaggebend war, dass wir im System unsere Vorstellungen an Konstruktion und Gestaltung umsetzen konnten und so für unseren Kunden eine wirtschaftliche und schöne Fassade errichten konnten.

Dipl.-Ing. Lukas Holzinger RSE Planungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Projekt
    Airbus ITC

  • Architekt
    RSE Planungsgesellschaft mbH

  • Bauherr
    Airbus Defence & Space GmbH

  • Produkt
    1.000 m² Kassetten
    4.500 m² Planum in RAL 7021 und RAL 7021 matt

  • Verarbeiter
    Dieter Eitle GmbH

  • Fotos
    © RSE Planungsgesellschaft mbH / Markus Guhl Architekturfotografie

With almost 3,500 m² of cleanroom space in ISO 8 and ISO 5 cleanliness classes and a cleanroom height of up to 18 meters, the ITC is one of the largest production sites for satellites in Europe.

In addition to the clean room areas, control rooms and associated technology, the building also contains the site’s central showroom, where information on current and pioneering satellite missions can be obtained. Customer events, such as the launch of a satellite mission, are also held here.

The building itself rests on 195 bored piles up to 45m long, in order to be able to carry the loads on the building ground, less than 50 meters from the shore of Lake Constance. Due to the high water table, special attention was paid to the waterproofing and diffusion tightness of the floor slab in order to be able to maintain the high requirements for the constancy of temperature and humidity in the clean rooms. The building itself is a mixed construction of precast, partially precast and cast-in-place concrete components. To keep construction time as short as possible, prefabrication and proven systems were used wherever possible.

The challenge was to combine these different requirements in one concept. It was also important to us that, despite the dimensions of the building, a scale appropriate to the employees was achieved.

The design concept was to evoke associations with the manufactured product. Throughout the building, we worked with black and white contrasts. The outer shell, the areas not located in the cleanroom, such as the control rooms and the showroom, are designed with black furniture, floors and in part ceilings, while the cleanrooms are white. As accent colors, blue tones from the customer’s color world were repeatedly used in the interior.

The façade was intended to reflect the dark space on the one hand, but also the high precision of the high-tech manufacturing inside on the other. The DOMICO Planum system now offered the possibility of structuring the large building very precisely and with deliberately chosen formats, with the main structuring being provided by the horizontal bands of glossy and matt panels, which take up the window bands of the west façade and lead them around the building.

The bands now have the effect that, depending on the light situation, they sometimes stand out more or less clearly. Over the course of the day, the building changes in a subtle and sometimes surprising way.

In the main stairwell, which represents the interface between the exterior and the interior, we pulled the Domico facade into the interior to blur the boundary between inside and outside. Also, the large mullion and transom façade here was set as far inward as possible to emphasize this impression.

As the only accent in the facade, the window bands were highlighted with a silver frame from the dark facade to bring a bit of the glitter of stars to the facade. Again, the connections needed to match the joints of the DOMICO façade as precisely and cleanly as possible.

To meet the requirement for completely exterior roof drainage without having to show downspouts, which would have greatly disrupted the articulation of the facade, we maximized the projection of the profile retaining strips so that the downspouts could run between the insulation and the facade. Thus, only the emergency overflows are visible in the cladding of the parapet.