We have been working successfully with you on various projects for several years now.
We would like to give you some examples:
New production building – BA I Company Toolcraft, Georgensgemünd
(construction period 2011) approx. 2,000 m² usable floor space

Extension of production hall – BA II Company Toolcraft, Georgensgmünd
(construction period 2012) approx. 3,000 m² usable space

BA III 2017 with 2,600 m² usable area

Why again DOMICO?
Their services included the technical elaboration and delivery of the DOMICO element halls including statics as well as construction supervision of the assembly work.
The DOMICO element halls combine our architectural requirements with economically sensible solutions in an exemplary manner and also impress with their fast installation times and favourable structural properties due to large column-free spans and low foundation loads.

The professional competence of your employees, technicians and structural engineers, the adherence to delivery dates and the cost awareness of your company deserve special mention. Due to the good experiences we can recommend your company without reservation.

We are looking forward to further successful projects and a continuation of our cooperation.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Richard Bosch bosch planungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Projekt
    toolcraft Georgsgemünd

  • Architekt
    bosch planungsgesellschaft mbH

  • Bauherr

  • Produkt
    Element hall
    Planum facade

Innovative Solutions for an Innovative Company

toolcraft is a medium-sized family business founded in 1989 and manufactures precision parts, assemblies, tools and injection moulded parts.
The company philosophy includes intensive cooperation with cooperation partners in order to be able to offer technologically and economically convincing complete solutions.

All good things are 3

The same values and goals that our family company DOMICO lives by. However, it is not only tradition that unites us, but above all innovation.
Because the patented DOMICO element hall turned out to be the best solution for toolcraft. Now the third element hall, with 64 x 40 metres, is already in operation.