Gas station and dormitory Innsbruck

Arch. DI Ludwig Kofler – kofler architects
Product: Planum facade, 1300 m2, RAL 7021

On the site of an existing petrol station, a 4-storey new building was added to create contemporary living space for a total of 85 students. This extension of use gives the site a completely new architectural quality that is significant in its external and long-distance effects. A striking feature of the outer building design is a bend in the longitudinal façade. It is created on both long sides by two X-shaped combined solid structures. As a result, two asymmetrical inner courtyards of high spatial quality are formed in the overall structure of the building, which open up to the landscape in the head areas of the complex. The corridors for the residential areas facing east and west are also located in this interior area.

Characteristic of the overall architecture is the gridded perforated façade and the dark colour tone, which creates an exciting contrast to the corporate identity green of the petrol station. Its own design follows the traditional petrol station architecture with a slender, cantilevered roof and formally correlated supports. In principle, the building complex acquires its individual character through its functional context and, in particular, through the fixed shutters displayed at an angle of 90 degrees. Not only do they provide sound insulation, they also give the façade an additional three-dimensional component.