• Projekt
    Autowaschpark Kollerschlag

  • Architekt
    DI. Gottfried Haydtner
    DI. Richard Egger

  • Bauherr
    Autohaus Wilfried Kasberger

  • Produkt
    250 m² Planum Fassade

  • Verarbeiter
    Rudolf Schmidhofer GmbH

  • Fotos
    Stöbich / www.foto-stoebich.com

For the motor show hall we coated DOMICO-Planum facade elements, designed and installed DB 600 in the area of the parapet and the underside of the roof cantilever.
Now the company Kasberger had again a planning and construction management order for us. Kasberger has been operating a well-established petrol station in Kollerschlag / Mühlviertel for years (close to the German border). We were allowed to plan and erect a car wash with free washing places at the property of the gas station, a meadow. Before the start of construction, we placed the order for a soil investigation. On the part of the municipality we were pointed out to us that this building area years ago, it was a
Mulde, was heaped up (bad subsoil).
Now the planning was designed in such a way that with 16 ductile piles the building project could be erected stable.

The building consists of the car wash and a technical room. The entire technology for the car wash as well as the floor heating for the hall and the outdoor washing area is accommodated here. The building was built on a reinforced concrete floor slab which is supported on ductile piles.
The walls are made of reinforced concrete elements. We attached great importance to a pleasing architecture.

We suggested a DOMICO Planum facade to the client. The inclined position of the two windows in the wash hall provided design possibilities in the façade. The colour scheme, the colour suggestion of the facade elements was very much welcomed by the client.
In some cases a vertical installation was used, in others an inclined installation and in other cases an underlay installation, which was adapted to the windows.