• Projekt
    Neubau Brauerei Giesinger

  • Architekt
    a + p Architekten Kellner – Krämer Partnerschaft mbB

  • Bauherr
    Aurelis Real Estate

  • Produkt
    3.500 m² Planum-Fassade, Sandgold, Sandgold matt
    1.000 m² Kassetten

  • Verarbeiter
    Nonnenmacher GmbH

  • Fotos
    © Michael Voit

The panels of the metal facade, laid in wild bond, vary in gloss level, thus creating a lively, changing play of colors depending on the incidence of light. The laying pattern is subject to a clear structure in order to ensure economical execution. Details such as concealed window sills with rainwater drainage routed in the rear ventilation level or a flush parapet could be realized in coordination with the client and landlord, the real estate company Aurelis Real Estate, and reinforce the clear appearance of the building.

The façade is largely closed and only has openings where they are required technically or due to the use. The over 13-meter cantilevered canopy in the loading yard is designed as part of the facade and therefore does not appear as an addition, but as part of the L-shaped structure. A special highlight catches the viewer’s eye as soon as he approaches the building: in the style of classic breweries, a window measuring just under 100m² provides a view into the heart of the brewery. The brewing process begins here in the brewhouse, which is decisive for the organization of the entire floor plan. It clearly shows the brewing process from the brewhouse through the fermentation cellar to the bottling line and the adjoining full storage facility. This route is flanked by functional rooms for water treatment, compressed air generation, laboratories and smaller raw material storage facilities. A spacious staircase leads to the upper floor, which houses the brewery administration and a tasting room for product presentations and small events. Placed on an inserted gallery, the visitor has a view of both the brewhouse and the fermentation cellar from here.

The functional division of the floor plan allowed the formation of only two fire compartments with two structurally necessary stairwells.
The supporting structure of the two-story brewery building consists of precast reinforced concrete elements; the reinforced concrete trusses of the roof structure are partially prestressed. The roof cladding is designed as a trapezoidal sheet metal structure with a warm roof covering and, together with the facade, forms a thermal building envelope in accordance with the latest standards.

The brewery technology on the user side is state-of-the-art. The brewing water is extracted from a 160-meter-deep well in Munich’s gravel plain and is elaborately treated. In contrast, the building services equipment is conceptually simple. The high humidity resulting from the brewing process is generally tolerated in the production areas; all components are designed to be correspondingly resistant. Only in the event of an emergency, when a critical threshold value is exceeded, is the air mechanically extracted to the outside. In a construction period of only 16 months, a tailor-made new building for a brewery was created in close coordination between planners, client, user and construction companies.