• Projekt
    WITRON Parkstein

  • Architekt
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Albert Krämer

  • Bauherr
    WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH

  • Produkt
    2013: 24,600 m² element roof in acoustic design with Domitec, 3,000 m² cassettes and Planum 27
    2015: 9,700 m² element roof in acoustic design with Domitec, 1,250 m² cassettes and Planum 27
    2016: 5,900 m² element roof in acoustic design with Domitec, 1,200 m² coffers and Planum 27

  • Verarbeiter
    Hoffmann GmbH
    Spörl & Nietner Bedachungs GmbH
    Albert Sperber GmbH & Co KG

An exceptional Industrial building

The halls belong to the Witron group of companies in the Upper Palatinate market town of Parkstein. The industrial company is one of the world’s leading general contractors for the planning, implementation and operation of highly dynamic storage and order picking systems. The family-owned company not only focuses on high quality, economic efficiency and resource-saving construction for its own products, but also pays attention to sustainability in the development of its locations. In contrast to the previous plants (with clay roofs and wooden facades) at the Parkstein site, the new plant was built with metal roofs and facades from DOMICO.

Sustainability as target
Why was metal products given preference over clay roof tiles and wooden facades?
The client made high demands. On the one hand, the large halls were not allowed to disturb the townscape. On the other hand, construction should be resource-saving, durable and cost-effective, without neglecting important feel-good factors for the employees, such as indoor climate and noise protection. Another criterion was to find a maintenance-free alternative to wood, which has to be painted every 2 to 3 years.

The decision in favour of DOMICO was therefore obvious:
– durable and sustainable
– high degree of prefabrication
– penetration-free fixing
– design diversity
– project-related manufacturing

The client surprised with his specifications for the façade design: Instead of the usual wood panelling used in Witron buildings, he opted for a sustainable metal façade from DOMICO.

The tried and tested Planum façade in oak look with cover widths of 285 + 15 mm joint and 385 + 15 mm joint was used. As a result, the large halls and outbuildings are visually adapted to the existing buildings. The rear-ventilated outer shell was attached to cassettes with the aid of module strips “K”. Mineral insulation was used as the insulating material.