• Bypassing Backup distances
    up to 7 m
  • Fast, cost-effective installation
    thanks to factory prefabrication
  • Factory-side Pre-punched holes
  • Optimal corrosion protection
    by galvanizing and surface coating
  • High sound insulation values
  • Spacing of the module strips and
    Z-profiles up to 1.200 mm possible
  • Applied at the factory
    Longitudinal seal – joint coefficient
    with 10 times the value
  • Acoustic version possible

There are many perspectives on a building.
One of them is called economic efficiency.

Cassette inner shells have proven their worth as load-bearing and finishing components. They offer a favourable and safe possibility to give large-area facades an attractive appearance also inside.

The DOMICO cassette inner shells are equipped at the factory with continuously applied sealing tapes at the longitudinal joints and pre-punched perforations for the longitudinal bolting – this guarantees time savings during installation.

Cassettes inner shell

Outer corner as corner element - Planum horizontal on cassette - Inner shell with insulation in front
Non-ventilated façade - vertical on cassette inner shell with insulation
Upper facade finish - horizontal with sliding bracket on cassette inner shell and insulation
Ventilated façade - horizontal on cassette inner shell with insulation in front
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