• Projekt
    TU Graz Laborgebäude

  • Architekt
    Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner architektur zt gmbh

  • Bauherr
    BIG Bundesimmobilien GmbH

  • Produkt
    Planum-Fassade 1900 m², RAL 9010

  • Verarbeiter
    Eder Blechbau GmbH

  • Fotos
    Paul Ott

The existing building complex “Inffeldgasse 25” is located on the campus of the Graz University of Technology in the Inffeldgründe and was built in the late 1970s. The existing complex is approx.230 m long and houses the so-called mechanical engineering institutes and is divided into several structures and zones. Behind it rises a zone with 5 office towers.

Along the Inffeldgasse lies the one-story wing with seminar rooms and student drawing rooms. Behind it rises a zone with 5 office towers, which are supported by massive reinforced concrete columns and, starting on the 1st floor, are between 2 and 4 stories high. Between the towers are landscaped courtyards.

Construction measures:

– Addition of storeys to the office towers
– partial development of the courtyard-like open spaces
– Head buildings at the end of the building
– Surface renovation of existing areas

In order to counteract a “shake-out” caused by small-scale additions and extensions, this project is intended to secure the possibility of satisfying future space requirements in the longer term.
By raising all office towers to the same height of 4 upper floors, the required expansion space for the institute’s operations is created. The total of three courtyard buildings and two head buildings follow the same architectural structure:
– basement for building services and partial laboratory use
– Ground floor with laboratories, workshops and test stands for research purposes
– Upper floor with office-like use and partial student use (learning areas)

The office towers are being raised using lightweight construction methods. In principle, the construction work was carried out during ongoing operations.
The office towers and the associated development components will be given a curtain-type, rear-ventilated facade. The precisely executed aluminum façade is intended to indicate the content or function of these buildings, the mechanical engineering institutes.
The aluminum facade will be finished in white color with Domico Planum 27 elements and is to be structured in horizontal direction by grooves.

Product statement:
The Domico Planum 27 façade has proven to be an excellent ventilated façade, as it is also capable of being used on a wide variety of constructions concrete, masonry and timber framing. Due to the different substructures in our project, there are consequently also different deformations in terms of heat, etc. Other facade systems, e.g. ETICS, would not have been able to guarantee freedom from cracks here.