Fire Station North Linz

archinauten | dworschak+mühlbachler architekten zt gmbh
Product: Planum-Facade, 1550 m2, partially perforated, RAL 9006, RAL 9007

The existing building from the 70s no longer met the functional and energetic standards of modern fire stations. Moreover, a performance-enhancing refurbishment should pursue an appropriate contemporary architectural language. Under this maxim all windows were renewed and the outer skin was thermally renovated. A special goal of the renovation measures was to give the building a new architectural identity. This was achieved literally by means of a new contemporary outer skin. The partially perforated planum elements cover the old building like a curtain, which in part gives a glimpse of the existing structures of the old façade during the day. At night and with illuminated windows, they become visible again and give the building a different formal structure.

The convincing architectural effect is achieved by the partial perforation of the metal outer shell, which, depending on its function inside the building, can be opened with rotating elements. All in all, the façade, cleverly varied in its individual fit, shape and colour modulation, forms a homogeneous, quiet structure that is no longer reminiscent of the former fire station. The jury judged this object to be a particularly successful example of the refurbishment work increasingly submitted in this competition.