• Projekt
    TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center

  • Architekt
    DELTA Projektconsult GmbH

  • Bauherr

  • Produkt
    1.200 m² Planum Fassade

  • Verarbeiter
    A. Zoppoth Haustechnik GmbH

  • Fotos
    Lisa Rastl

The new TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center is located at Deutschstraße 10 in Vienna’s 23rd district. DELTA’s design won the previous general planning competition for the new main building of the TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center.
The design is convincing because it reflects the motto of TÜV AUSTRIA: The design was inspired by “Technology and Safety” as the guiding principle of TÜV AUSTRIA and consistently implemented as a design element of the building. The technology is reflected in the flexible room design, the open space office, as well as in the façade with its striking joint division, the fence bordering the plot and the expandability of the entire building.

The DOMICO Planum façade, which is clearly visible from Deutschstraße, stands out due to its joint division with staggered 30mm shadow joints, which reflect the flow of information and technology, but also the connections. The metal building shell is in elegant white. Not only the façade of the building, but also the TÜV AUSTRIA logo is positioned in such a way that good visibility is guaranteed.
The individuality of the façade is also unique, as no two sides are the same and the building can be viewed from different angles, depending on the position of the sun and the incidence of light. On the one hand, the joints disappear and the façade acts as a full-surface plane; on the other hand, shadows form in the joints when the sun shines sideways, which sets the scene for the joint division.

The new main building of the TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center in Deutschstraße 10 offers space for 180 people. Great importance was attached to flexibility in the planning of the offices. This was ensured by Open Space with communication and meeting zones, flexible ceiling grids and the possibility to easily move the furniture. Each floor has its own creative room, offering employees space and time for ideas. On the ground floor and the top floor there are terraces for the employees.
Seminar rooms, break rooms and a separate restaurant are also available for employees. An important focus was the brightness of the rooms, which is guaranteed by good lighting of the offices.