Innovative architecture. Economic construction.

The use of recyclable building products and their good dismantling and reusability are central aspects of ecological construction.

DOMICO's lightweight metal construction fulfils these requirements and is pollutant-free, durable, easy to dismantle and highly efficient. In addition, all unglued metal profiles are never thrown away as waste, but used again and again as recyclable material. An intelligent industrial cycle, the Conserves resources.

Did you know that

... the anti-drumming coating can be applied to the inside of the profiled sheets as a vibration-reducing measure for noise reduction.

... the approved Planum wall construction with cassettes and 80 mm insulation in front achieves a U value of 0.18 W/m²K.

... that metal roofs and facades also protect against electromagnetic fields and have a higher efficiency than that of a shielding fabric.

... the joints between the cassettes are (according to DIN 4108-2:2001-03, section 7) airtight due to the longitudinal seal (10 x higher than the limit value)?

.. the DOMICO products are made of metals and that this material is 100 % recyclable.

... we offer a anti-condensate coating especially for single-shell roofs.

... the Domitec roof is driving rain proof up to 1950 Pa thanks to the factory-fitted longitudinal joint seal - this corresponds to the dynamic pressure at almost 200 km/h.

... on one working day, up to 1,500 m² of element roof can be laid without top shell.

the element roof and the element hall meet the requirements of DIN 18234-2 (structural fire protection of large-area roofs, fire exposure from below).

... the lightweight construction of the element hall results in a reduced depreciation period?