The product description of the DOMICO Planum façade states: “To achieve great things, the smallest details matter. We wanted to live up to this claim in the planning and implementation of the large sports hall in Heidelberg. Due to the shape of the round building “corners” and the curved underside of the façade closure towards the glass area, there were a variety of challenges that we were able to master with the help of DOMICO’s technical support. The focus was on sustainability through cost-effectiveness, durability and aesthetics with high self-cleaning capability, as well as on the durability of the metal facades. These are also 100% recyclable and were installed without adhesives or composites. DOMICO’s expert advice turned our questions into solutions.

Dipl.-Ing. Guido Pfaffhausen Architektur Concept Pfaffhausen + Staudte GbR
  • Projekt
    SNP dome Heidelberg

  • Architekt
    Architektur Concept Pfaffhausen + Staudte GbR

  • Bauherr
    Bau- und Servicegesellschaft mbH Heidelberg BSG

  • Produkt
    3.000 m² Planum, RAL 9006, RAL 9007

  • Verarbeiter
    FRITZtechnologie H. Fritz GmbH

  • Fotos

A cage for the lions

The large sports hall, which took two years to build, has been an important venue for sporting and cultural events in Heidelberg since its opening in 2021. A special architectural feature is the successful facade design with the rounded and curved DOMICO Planum system.

According to the city of Heidelberg, more than one in four citizens is active in one of the 120 sports clubs, which have a total membership of around 45,000. The capacities of the existing sports facilities in Heidelberg have long been insufficient for clubs and school sports. In addition, no hall in the city offered the possibility of holding sports events with more than 1,500 spectators. Good reasons to advocate for the construction of a large sports hall. It has now been in operation since 2021 and bears the name “SNP dome”.

The new hall can accommodate around 5,000 spectators and is now an important venue for sporting and cultural events in the Heidelberg area. Among other things, the SNP dome serves as a training and competition venue for many sports clubs: For example, the Bundesliga basketball team “MLP Academics Heidelberg” uses it as its home venue, and in handball, the well-known “Rhein-Neckar Löwen” use it as a second-game venue. School sports also take place in the hall. For planning and construction, the client opted for the joint concept of Architektur Concept Pfaffhausen + Staudte GbR and ZECH Sports GmbH (formerly BAM Sports GmbH) as general contractor. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in September 2018.

Round corners and la-ola waves
The architecturally successful design of the metallic outer shell of the SNP dome is an eye-catcher in the “Heidelberg Innovation Park”. To implement their architectural idea of the vertically structured façade grid, the planners and client opted for Planum system profiles from DOMICO. The tried-and-tested, robust façade system with a flat surface and covering widths of up to 800 mm gives exterior surfaces a generous line and high-quality appearance. Different profile widths and installation options, but also combinations with other DOMICO profiles, also offer architects a wide range of design options. The result of this production process is a high installation quality and durability of the system. In addition, the highest possible degree of prefabrication ensures economical construction and, in terms of operating costs, also building maintenance. DOMICO Planum façade profiles with a construction width of 400 mm were used for the façade cladding on the SNP dome. Thanks to this small-scale design, the segmental arrangement of the Planum profiles is hardly noticeable in the curvature. While the upper, all-round facade finish of the large sports hall runs exactly horizontally, the lower facade finishes are wave-shaped. The second “la-la wave” is created within the surface by the vertical arrangement of the PLANUM profiles in two color coatings – in the darker and lighter metallic colors RAL 9007 and RAL 9006.