Redle Architekten
Product: Planum-Facade, 2200 m2, RAL 7021, RAL 7021 dull, RAL 7016

With its square dimensions of around 50 metres in length and width and a height of 13.5 metres, the new industrial building achieves structural dimensions that often threaten to break up its surroundings visually. Preventing this is a very demanding construction task.

At first glance almost playful, but in reality by means of intensive design planning, the outer shell reduces the voluminous cuboid by the ingenious variation of standard elements of the Planum façade. In an exciting alternation of façade grid and modulated colourfulness, the surfaces that appear to be small in scale take the bulk out of the large volume. A horizontal tripartite division, consistently guided around the building, in conjunction with a constriction in the upper third of the façade, ensures a visual reduction in the height of the building. The respective joint is emphatically emphasised by the lateral offset of the lower and upper planum elements. In general, the masterly variation of width and colour of the panels keep the viewer’s eye moving, whereby the dimension of the building eludes the overall static coverage within certain limits. The snow-white company lettering, whose letters appear punched out in front of the darker façade, is indeed an outstanding eye-catcher of the façade.

In addition to the overall excellent technical design of the façade, this detail achieved a special level of perfection in joint agreement between all those involved.