• Projekt
    MTU Aero Engines

  • Architekt
    RKW Architektur+

  • Bauherr
    MTU Aero Engines AG

  • Produkt
    Planum-Fassade 3000 m² RAL 9006

  • Verarbeiter
    Mangertseder GmbH

  • Fotos
    Achim Birnbaum

The facade design was to reflect the highly technical interior of the building on the outer shell. The cuboid building cube was to be given a calm, orderly appearance.
On the one hand, this could be achieved by the continuous parapet over various high parts of the building at one height. On the other hand, the interplay of vertical shadow and hairline joints of the DOMICO Planum façade directly contributes to the aura. Harmonizing the horizontal joints with the vertical elements was a major challenge.

Furthermore, the façade was to refer to the products of MTU AERO ENGINES AG without appearing overbearing. This gave rise to the idea of using custom-made angled metal elements of the façade openings to create a visual and at the same time mental link to an MTU AERO ENGINES AG product – engine blades. In conjunction with the color RAL 9006, the reference to the materiality – aluminum/steel – was also staged here.

The focus was on the technical requirements for sound insulation, fire protection and various technical facade openings for ventilation, which had to be brought into visual harmony with the facade image. For example, the gill-like vertical openings of the north facade supply the recoolers on the roof area behind with over 1 million cubic meters of air per hour.

In addition, different substrates, closed reinforced concrete walls, steel cassettes and cold facades with steel substructures had to be taken into account for the facade cladding.

In the search for a suitable product, which could bring our guiding idea in line with technical requirements, the final choice fell on DOMICO Planum after the investigation of alternative products.
From the experience gained in this project, we continue to draw design ideas for further projects, which we try to execute with DOMICO products on a recurring basis.