• Projekt
    Tennishalle Lichtenfels

  • Architekt
    Strukturdesign Ingenieurgesellschaft im Bauwesen mbH

  • Bauherr
    Tennisclub Lichtenfels 1906 e.V.

  • Produkt
    1900 m² element roof acoustic design with perforated Planum profiles
    2200 m² Domitec

  • Verarbeiter
    Zirkelbach Metall - Anlagenbau GmbH

  • Fotos

The new tennis hall was to connect directly to the existing clubhouse in order to use the existing changing rooms and ancillary rooms for these. In addition to pure functionality, a representative and appealing appearance of the new, quite large building was in the foreground for the clients. The inspiration for the hall design came from tennis.

The abstract interpretation of the parabolic curved trajectory of a tennis ball represents the basic idea of the hall structure. This resulted in a barrel vault with main beams made of rolled sectional steel. These are rigid and span more than 42 metres. In order to absorb the lateral shear forces, both base points of a girder are held in place by reinforced concrete tie rods. These are located below the hall floor. The foundation of the supporting structure is made by deep seals, as the substructure consists of filled material. The complete roof construction was realized with the “Domitec” roof element. Inside the hall, the perforated “Planum” element provides pleasant acoustics. The segmented “Planum” elements were also installed below the roof cantilever in order to lift the curved hall roof not only structurally but also visually from the vertical, blue plastic / glass façade. The collection and drainage of rainwater in a gutter on the base of the hall in the form of a gravel eave means that disturbing gutters can be dispensed with.
The access and recreation area, the “lounge”, was constructed as a solid structure and, interrupting the vault, engages in the arch of the hall. The connecting structure described above clearly subordinates itself formally to the large hall and functions as a discreet link between it and the existing clubhouse. Thus, the tennis hall receives the architectural weight it deserves. In terms of construction, the “DOMICO” elements here allow the creation of the necessary flexible joint between the hall and the lounge.

With their architecture, the sponsors of the tennis hall have created a clear statement for the residential and commercial location of Lichtenfels in the Main Valley, which, due to its location, size and architecture, significantly shapes the cityscape and landscape.