New building nursing home Rudolfsheim

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Product: Planum façade and underside view 5100 m2, Avorio Juvarra-Metallic


The almost square structure takes up the topography of the terrain with a height graduation. From this compact structure, four generous open space volumes (garden courtyards) are cut, which are formulated with different characteristics. The courtyards are located at different levels, are partly connected with each other and allow the experience and use of the open space in manageable dimensions.


Core point of the design are the large common areas grouped around the courtyards: The approx. 100 resident rooms on one level are not accessed via corridors, but are only interconnected by common areas. The access areas thus become communication areas – marketplaces with a wide variety of qualities (dining areas, resting and retreat areas, residents’ galleries, stagings, play areas, walking trails, etc.).

This arrangement results in a completely new, spatial concept with a wide range of possible paths: Walks can be taken as circular paths within and across stations and offer varied views of the garden courtyards and urban space. The result is a space continuum that invites visitors to stroll around and communicate, but also offers clearly defined areas with opportunities for retreat.

In addition to the outer loggia, the residents’ room itself also has a semi-private “front garden” – an inner loggia. Attached to the market square area, every resident from his protected area can participate directly in the life of the station: look, keep up to date, invite the neighbour to join him, etc. The living room is also equipped with a semi-private loggia. Thus both the active and the passive participation in the station life is made possible.


Irritating between gold and silver, with a slight shade of green to transport the theme of the natural space to the outside, bright and with a mild degree of shine to be able to respectfully confront the city public, corresponding with the interior …this is how the colour should be. After an intensive search process and many trials, the company DOMICO was able to convince. The light green of the façade is based on the four green inner courtyards and transports them to the outside. Due to the shiny surface, the DOMICO panels appear in a different shade depending on the incidence of light and thus form a varied surface. The staggered arrangement of the panels and the use of shadow and blunt joints create an interesting façade image and underline the horizontal nature of the building. The building is accentuated by the formation of oriels.