The focus of this evening was on our customers and the presentation of the DOMIGIUS – the International DOMICO Architecture Award. As a manufacturer of metal roof, wall and façade systems, we have been awarding prizes for outstanding buildings and successful trend-setting architecture for over 20 years. Our aim is to honour the creative and pioneering achievements of architecture and the diverse and sustainable applications of DOMICO products. The three prize winners not only received a sculpture created especially for this prize – the DOMIGIUS – but also prize money totalling € 20,000.

In addition to the gala dinner, Hans Peter Gratz & friends provided the perfect atmosphere with their “Musical Emotions” programme.

The DOMIGIUS is a combination of the company name DOMICO and the name ELIGIUS, the patron saint of the metalworking profession. The name Eligius means the chosen one. Thus the DOMIGIUS unites everything for which the International. DOMICO architecture award stands.