• Penetration-free and expansion-proof fastening with module strips
  • Profile installation: Horizontal, vertical or inclined
  • Combinable with Planum profiles
  • Prefabricated special profiles, such as e.g. shadow gap, upper end profile at the parapet, pilaster strip
  • Project-related manufacturing

Design with that certain something

Architecturally, the new Swing² façade provides a further design element for curtain-type rear-ventilated façades that fully corresponds to our slogan “Creative building with metal”.

Our product developments are always based on penetration-free fastening. The same applies to the new Swing² facade profile. The assembly technology is based on the proven Planum façade system, but with a completely new look. The profiles are provided with a light small and large wavy contour.

The curved shape opens up completely new design possibilities. The installation can take place horizontally, vertically or diagonally. In order to achieve additional effects, the Swing² profiles are equipped with the familiar Planum profiles.
can be combined.


Creative building with metal

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